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A rock band that makes beats with chopped sounds from records centered on the 20th century AKAI MPC2000.
Guitar, vocals, composition, KOJI
Since 2017, he has been active in a live house in Tokyo.
Passed 1st place in the 2019 Emergenza JAPAN qualifying.
The semi-final is scheduled for the spring of 2022 at Shibuya eggman.


We are drum less band so we rely on the drums beat by 20th century's AKAI MPC 2000 !!

This is KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

People say that we are Japan Psyche, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock etc…
We don't care What ever they call us.

Our live activity started in 2017.

We won the 1st place in the 3rd round of the EMERGENZA Tokyo.
The semi-finals will be held at Shibuya eggman in 2022.

We are live in Tokyo. Mainly perform in Tokyo area.

Rock'n Roll bands are dying in Tokyo, or should We say in all of the area in Japan.
We are dying species.

God bless.

KOJI: Vo, Gt, Songwriter.

Bring the Fender MUSTANG to the hell. Then ring it to the heaven!

Activity record

Cassette tape from Germany GET YOUR GENKI


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Radio I Heart J Rock

Podcast {abstractjapan}


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Meet the Artist

National Band Directory
A free paper published twice a year. Vol.13 of September 2021.

New Song "Nante Koto Da What a Da Funk

November 12, 2021. Collaboration with Netherlands duo producer Dizzy Panda. KOJI sings with Japanese lyrics.

COOL TOP20 New Release news

Emergenza Music Festival

It is the world's largest live contest of indie artists held in 36 countries around the world.

In 2019, we passed the first place in the qualifying, and in 2022, We will participate in the semi-finals.

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